Different Types of Roofing Structures

A Roof is an un-segregated part of any structure. The various components of a roof are:

1. Raw material used in building a roof
2. Size and design aspect of the roof
3. Durability quotient of the roof
4. Price of the roof

A roof actually acts as a protective layer for a building as it tend to cover and protect it from the natural forces like winds, rains, storm, etc. though it forms a protective shield over a building or structure but is itself exposed to the natural forces which may dampen or deteriorate its quality. A roof needs to be maintained and repaired on frequent basis to keep it in upright condition. A roof may deteriorate due to several reasons like natural forces, low quality material of roofs, no maintenance, etc. Regular inspection by roofing experts is very important to extend the life of roofing structures.

When one decides to get a new roof installed or want roofing structures for their new den then they might need the services of roofing companies. There are different types of roofs and one ought to select the right company that might be experienced to install the desired roofing structure. Majority of the companies might be experienced to provide asphalt shingle roofs or shake roofs but if one decides to get a green roof for their place then one needs an experienced roofer to install this type of roof.

A green roof may be further classifieds into an intensive roof and an extensive roof. An intensive one needs to be regularly preserved while an extensive one doesn’t need much upkeep or preservation. But every home might not support an extensive roofing structure as it needs the house to be restructured according to it to be installed. The material of the roof must be strong enough to support a green roof. It ought to have layers of materials like a weatherproof sheet, then drainage sheet and a water retention sheet. The topmost sheet is the one on which the vegetation is grown. It is a good option for those who are nature lovers and support and an eco friendly structure along with a protective shield. The plants that are planted over these roofing structures are lightweight and have flat roots. The plants may not need much maintenance. It is important to note that not all roofing companies may be experienced to install a green roof.

One thing one should look before buying a roof is its ability to withstand rough weather conditions than a low costs roof which might not be too durable and nicely designed.